Strategic management of land development design, entitlements, and permitting…
from preliminary due diligence to construction commencement.

About Managed Land Entitlements


Who We Are

MANAGED LAND ENTITLEMENTS (“MLE”) is a boutique firm headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, specializing in managing the design, development approvals and permitting process for nonresidential and multifamily projects throughout South Florida. MLE takes on the role of owner’s representative by coordinating and overseeing every aspect of a pre-construction development project from preliminary due diligence and consultant solicitation into design, land use/zoning entitlements, civil permitting and vertical permitting including the multitude of tasks involved in the process. MLE serves as the single, centralized point of contact for the project – the quarterback that drives the team and the process in order to deliver to the construction team every permit and approval necessary for commencement of construction. Every development team needs a driver – someone that manages each step and coordinates a resolution to every issue. MLE serves in that capacity on behalf of developers, property owners and end-users with its clients’ best interest as its primary driver.



As Principal of Managed Land Entitlements, Michael is engaged in every aspect of the firm. He holds himself to a high standard of discipline, integrity, compassion and hard work and is focused on delivering the best results for his clients.

Michael is a professional land development manager and land planner certified by the America Planning Association’s American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida Atlantic University, Michael started his professional career working as a Planner at the City of West Palm Beach Planning Department for three (3) years, and was subsequently hired by the City of Palm Beach Gardens working his way through the ranks to become the City’s Planning Manager. During his career as a public sector planner, Michael gained an invaluable viewpoint of the relationship between an applicant’s proposal for development approval and a local government’s need to balance such proposal with its codes and ordinances, the desires and interests of elected officials and the health, safety and welfare of the public.

In 2006, Michael joined a private land development consulting company located in Jupiter, Florida, in the capacity of Project Manager and worked his way up to Director/Development Manager. In his role, Michael coordinated and oversaw the pre-construction and development process for projects, working closely with design professionals and governmental agencies to obtain all permits and approvals necessary for construction.

Michael’s experience sitting on both sides of the table as a public sector planner and as a developer’s representative has afforded him a wide-ranging perspective of the intricacies of the development approvals and permitting process. Recognized for being a highly-driven professional with great attention to detail and a keen ability for building relationships with clients and governmental agencies, Michael excels in his work. Whether it’s managing a pre-construction development project from a napkin sketch until the first shovel hits the dirt or representing clients as agent for land use and zoning approvals, it doesn’t take long for clients to realize that Michael is their “go-to” guy.

Michael was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, to Cuban-born parents who came to the United States with nothing more than a few personal articles and who worked feverously to provide the best for their children. Michael was fortunate during his upbringing to be instilled with values such as discipline, respect and hard work. Today, Michael resides with his wife and two (2) children in Palm Beach County, Florida.

What We Do

Armed with expertise, tenacity and exceptional follow‐through skills, MLE maximizes the values of its clients’ properties through the provision of the following services:

Land Acquisition Due Diligence

The success of a development project largely depends on the research performed upfront in order to understand the true potential of a property and those regulations and background issues that could encumber its potential for development. MLE takes great pride in its acute ability to dig deep and research all aspects of a property on behalf of its clients. MLE’s investigative efforts for both vacant and developed properties includes identification of maximum development potential, land use/zoning issues, utilities availability, drainage requirements, environmental considerations, traffic concurrency issues, approvals/permits required, processes for development approval and other issues that could affect development. MLE’s preliminary due diligence scope of work also includes preparation of conceptual site plans, approval schedules and analyses of soft development costs.

Development Management

The real core of its services: MLE specializes in coordinating and managing the overall design, development approvals and permitting processes on behalf of property owners, developers and end‐users seeking to improve and develop property. Whether it’s developing vacant land or renovating an existing property, MLE sits in the driver’s seat in close coordination with its clients and project team to steer development projects to fruition. In this capacity, MLE’s every day focus is to ensure that every task involved in the development design and approval process is being handled as efficiently and effectively as possible, keeping tasks running concurrently while ensuring consistency and cohesiveness in the development package as it proceeds through the complex approval processes. Without someone driving the (development approval) boat and keeping their finger on the pulse every day, items critical to the schedule and cost of a development project will inevitably slip through the cracks; tasks and action items will sit unattended for unnecessary extended periods of time; and inconsistencies in the project package will cause issues down the road leaving the team scrambling to coordinate a resolution. MLE manages the land entitlement/permitting process to ensure projects are delivered to a contractor accurately, efficiently and ready for construction.

Zoning Entitlements

As a land planner certified by the America Planning Association’s American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and with vast experience in handling land use and zoning applications in most municipalities in Palm Beach, Broward and St. Lucie Counties, MLE provides efficient and highly‐effective delivery of the following entitlement services:

  • Site plan approval and amendments;
  • Development order approval and amendments;
  • Conditional uses/special exceptions; and
  • Zoning and land use approvals.

MLE’s experience working in the public sector and subsequently handling countless development approvals while in the private sector has set the foundation for MLE to be a proven, efficient and effective choice for developers, property owners and end‐users who are seeking development entitlement approvals.

Site And Landscape Design

MLE through its collaborative partners provides its clients with conceptual and final site plan and landscape plan design for nonresidential and multifamily projects as needed for development approvals, permitting and construction.

Permit Consulting/Management

In the course of its development management scope of work, MLE is known as an expert in overseeing and managing the building permit process for complex, multi-building development projects through local government building departments with a specific emphasis and keen specialty in the City of West Palm Beach. MLE serves as a liaison and the central point of contact between the local government and the project team leveraging its relationships and its knowledge of the process to facilitate as smooth and efficient of a permitting process as is possible. In this capacity, MLE (1) sets the initial permitting strategy based on the specifics of the project and the various building permits required; (2) coordinates with the project team to prepare permit application packages; (3) coordinates permit submittals and resubmittals; (4) coordinates and manages resolution to review comments issued; and (5) provides document control between the project team and the local government to ensure accuracy and facilitate record management during review, construction and project closeout. MLE pushes the right buttons at the appropriate times to ensure the issuance of permits in the most efficiently timeframe possible.


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